Our next Lotus project: the 111RS will be a Lotus Elise with the very best upgrades – inside and out.  Singer have done a wonderful job with the 964 and we aim to sprinkle some of the same magic onto the 111 platform. 

Our 111RS Spyder was the first car out of this initiative and it won ‘Best Of Show’.  This follow-up will have a roof, HVAC and other car-like amenities.  It will appeal to those who require a more ‘practical’ experience vs the rawness of the Spyder…

We’re looking for a client who wants to build the ultimate street Elise.  

We found a great donor car from San Diego. This postman owned car came into our possession when he wanted to retire and with plans to move out of state. His car had lived its life outdoors for many years and was tired looking along with 130k miles on the clock. Though she had not been tracked – the severe UV of CA took its toll. We will spruce her up and make her look like new.

We pulled the engine as it had 130k miles on it and our engine builder, Mountune wanted a high mileage engine to inspect. They are building it into a strong and reliable stock compression motor. The transmission will also get rebuilt – in fact we may put the longer geared Celica trans into it as we plan to bump the power on this car. We have one on the shelf – ready to go with our CF Synchros.

We hosed down the accumulated dirt and grease in the front of the car, front chassis, engine bay and rear subframe. We will detach the subframe and repaint it. Every part will be refreshed so that the 111RS is as clean as a whistle.

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