International Scout Restomod

This project is being done for a young family interested in a beach cruiser that features some of the classic cues found in old SUVs with the convenience of some modern mechanicals. We picked up the project from another shop and started with the body.

Engine was fitted with accessories, wiring and more to get her started. The new aluminum radiator should be more than sufficient. She starts up nicely now. Brakes, trans and suspension are next.

A digital dash that looks retro was added and frankly is cooler than the stock unit. We still need to clean up the wiring but that will wait till the AC, stereo and a coupe of others items are installed.

Headlights, turn signals, etc have been wired up. These new headlights are going work very nicely.

Suspension mods are under way. We’ve added a 2″ lift and made other tweaks to ensure the suspension has clearance.

Brake lines have been run and routed to the Master Cylinder. The booster and M/C were mounted to the firewall. The proportioning valve bracket needed to be mocked up and fabricated. This truck has so many custom mechanical bits that each sub-system needs special TLC.

The AC system has arrived and is yet another custom install. Vintage Air have many systems and can generally be added to these older vehicles.

The driveshaft proved to be too short so we had to get a new one built.

The e-brake needed to be installed which included running the cable and connecting the pedal.

Wiring for the 4×4 actuation controller was needed.

Brakes were also in need of replacement or rework.

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