05 Elise: 54k Miles


Super Prepped For A Like-New Experience!  Looking for a pure sportscar that is ready to go?  This Elise has received our 111renew Level II+ preparation and inspection.  We have replaced just about everything than can wear out with either new OE-like or upgraded parts.  We invested $12k in parts & labor to ensure that this Elise is in top condition.

The car is Graphite Grey with red leather interior.  It comes equipped with the factory Sport and Touring Packages.  If you are looking for a great Elise, this is your car.  Here are some of the details:

  • 54k miles
  • New brake discOE rotors & pads
    • can be upgraded to ULTRAdiscs + G-loc pads
  • All Suspension consumables replaced with new
    • Balljoints
    • Wishbone bushes
    • Track ends
    • Hardware, etc
  • New TRANScables + RE-Enforcer
  • Rebuilt trans with our CF synchros
  • New champRAD + Silicone Hoses
  • New streetCLUTCH
  • Full 60pt preparation
  • New Toyo R888R tires
  • New full sized battery
  • All fluids changed with Motul
  • Sport suspension
    • or upgrade to Nitron SS
  • Compression tested
  • Cams inspected
  • Full alignment
  • Front clam has been resprayed & new Clearbra installed
  • Straight chassis with no damage
  • LSS wheels
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Soft top (no hardtop)
  • Aftermarket stereo (head unit)
  • 2 sets of keys and Owner’s Manual
  • Stage II sport muffler
  • Fully documentation with pictures of our restoration
  • Clean CA Title