This project is being done for a young family interested in a beach cruiser that features some of the classic cues found in old SUVs with the convenience of some modern mechanicals. We picked up the project from another shop and started with the body.

Engine was fitted with accessories, wiring and more to get her started. The new aluminum radiator should be more than sufficient. She starts up nicely now. Brakes, trans and suspension are next.

A digital dash that looks retro was added and frankly is cooler than the stock unit. We still need to clean up the wiring but that will wait till the AC, stereo and a coupe of others items are installed.

Headlights, turn signals, etc have been wired up. These new headlights are going work very nicely.

Suspension mods are under way. We’ve added a 2″ lift and made other tweaks to ensure the suspension has clearance.

Brake lines have been run and routed to the Master Cylinder. The booster and M/C were mounted to the firewall. The proportioning valve bracket needed to be mocked up and fabricated. This truck has so many custom mechanical bits that each sub-system needs special TLC.

The AC system has arrived and is yet another custom install. Vintage Air have many systems and can generally be added to these older vehicles.

The driveshaft proved to be too short so we had to get a new one built.

The e-brake needed to be installed which included running the cable and connecting the pedal.

Wiring for the 4×4 actuation controller was needed.

Brakes were also in need of replacement or rework.

The interior needed to be sourced and fitted. Our client chose an exterior color (shown below) along with the interior color. We recommended a marine-grade vinyl as it will hold up to the rigors of an open truck like this one. Our client has a few kids and this Scout will be headed to the beach frequently so it needed to be durable. We’ve used this material in the past and it actually has a very nice finish and feel to it. The pleated design we landed on will also be easy to clean yet look much better than the flat seat designs that were stock on trucks of this era.

Flares were fitted. The doors took some effort but are lining up nicely. The body is going in for paint. The flares will be painted gloss black along with the cage.

We have been fitting side sill rockers to help aid in getting in and out of the truck. Originally we planned to install retracting side steps but the frame is a shortened Suburban frame that ultimately has a few suspension components that were in the way. A fixed step will work fine and frankly will look appropriate. They are shown below getting primered. They will be finished in black so they disappear.

The progression of painting process is always interesting. Using the correct sealers, primers, base coat and clear makes for a quality paint job.

The body was painted in a really great shade of blue called Concord Blue. I’m sure out in the sun it will be stunning. The tan/caramel interior will be complemented by a creme colored grill and door panels. The colors are all period correct but used in a novel combination. The dash will be black with the panel supporting the gauges in Concord Blue. The steering wheel is wood and will get refinished and should look fantastic.

The cage was painted in a gloss black along with the fender flares. The amount of masking and remasking to paint each color takes a lot time as well.

Plenty of other misc parts needed paint. We are in the final stages of getting the Scout completed. Of course, the devil is in the details and the amount of time it takes at this stage can be daunting.

Assembly including windshield install is underway. It is especially satisfying to see the Scout come together as it has been in pieces for so long.

The Scout had a cage installed when it came to us. We’ve made some fixes to it but also had to adjust certain stock parts to fit around it. The dash cover along with the passenger side door panels all need a bit of relief to get them to fit correctly.

We were close enough to assemble the car for a client viewing. We still have plenty of details that need to get finished but getting some more feedback from our client was important at this stage. The client and his family came out to see the car and were very excited. We got the feedback we needed to get back to work on the final details.

This family needed seating for 6 so we needed to add a center seat at the front. We modified an existing center seat to work. It folds down to offer the driver an arm rest. We will have it upholstered in the same material.

The final color sand, buff and polish really brings out the beauty of the paint work. We waited until the last step to do this and it is really looking great.

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