Cars have been our passion for as long as we can remember.  We love the way they look and we love the way they drive.  Especially the niche cars we tend to focus on.  Cars that are simple and pure – without too much complication or computer control get our attention. 

With over 50 years of collective automotive industry experience, we have earned our stripes and look forward to meeting your needs.

Meet the Team!

Shinoo Mapleton, President
A dyed-in-the-wool car guy whose first memory is looking at cars in the Motor City where he grew up. He earned his BSME from Kettering Univ and got started in the auto industry in 1985 at Pontiac Fiero Assembly. He spent 10 yrs at 3M Automotive so innovation is in his DNA. He is a mid-engine nut-case and motorcycle rider who loves the canyons and race tracks, equally.

Jesus Molina, Master Restoration Specialist
Jesus has a big passion for cars and restoration. He has been professionally restoring cars since 2004. One of his most successful projects was his Trans Am, also seen in Smokey and the Bandit…not to mention the XKE Jag that was once owned by Jerry Lewis

Nick Savena, Service Supervisor
A 2nd generation motorsport enthusiast with an affinity for all things mechanical. After 13 years of service as a helicopter crew chief in the Marine Corps, Nick planted roots in sunny SoCal. Now his main objective is to raise good humans, keep his wife happy, and make the world cooler one sweet ride at a time.

Carlos Lewis, ASC Master Mechanic
The Man, The Myth, The Legend (in his own mind). Originally from Fresno, CA, Carlos moved to SoCal in 06 to follow his dreams of working on performance cars of all types. He loves drifting and Z-cars

Demian Molina, Prep & Detail Specialist
Demian has loved cars ever since he was a kid and now he his able to work on them! He thoroughly enjoys doing body work prep, detail and paint. He is especially passionate about getting to work with his brother, Jesus producing beautiful restorations.

Christina Schneider ,Jr. Service Technician
Christina learned how to do her first oil change at 17 years old. From that moment, she felt an instance connection with working on cars. Throughout the years, her craving for working on cars grew fonder and she felt a sudden calling to broaden her knowledge & education.

Stacy Mapleton, Ops Manager
Another Detroit native who started at General Motors in the 80s but switched to the Medical Device industry and IT related work. She likes cars that start every time and get her from point A to B. She loves traveling, reading and caring for her family. She keeps the back office in order and operating smoothly.

Kevin Thompson, Restoration Advisor
Kevin was raised in motorsports thanks to his father. Kevin had a mini bike before being allowed a bicycle, and has been an avid vintage auto and motorbike enthusiast his whole life. He has worked in the vintage and exotic auto industry since 1999. He spends his off time forcing his children to become as car-obsessed as he is. Please don’t tell the authorities.