Our next Lotus project: the Lotus Outlaw will be a Lotus Elise with the very best upgrades – inside and out.  Singer have done a wonderful job with the 964 and we aim to sprinkle some of the same magic onto the 111 platform. 

Our Lotus Outlaw will follow a similar design to the concept art of the 111RS (shown below). Our 111RS Spyder was the first car out of this initiative and it won ‘Best Of Show’.  This Lotus Outlaw follow-up will have a roof, HVAC and other car-like amenities.  It will appeal to those who require a more ‘practical’ experience vs the rawness of the Spyder…

More information about the Lotus Outlaw community can be read by clicking the following link: Lotus Outlaw — InoKinetic

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We found a great donor car from San Diego. This postman owned car came into our possession when he wanted to retire and with plans to move out of state. His car had lived its life outdoors for many years and was tired looking along with 130k miles on the clock. Though she had not been tracked – the severe UV of CA took its toll. We will spruce her up and make her look like new.

We pulled the engine as it had 130k miles on it and our engine builder, Mountune wanted a high mileage engine to inspect. They are building it into a strong and reliable stock compression motor. The transmission will also get rebuilt – in fact we may put the longer geared Celica trans into it as we plan to bump the power on this car. We have one on the shelf – ready to go with our CF Synchros.

We hosed down the accumulated dirt and grease in the front of the car, front chassis, engine bay and rear subframe. We will detach the subframe and repaint it. Every part will be refreshed so that the Lotus Outlaw is as clean as a whistle.

We’ve been slowly stripping the car and reinstalling upgraded parts. We had a 18k mile powertrain that came out of a totalled Exige. The front radiator and AC condenser were upgraded to ProAlloy units. We also took this opportunity to delete one of the oil coolers. These cars have too much engine oil cooling capacity – especially the cars that came equipped with twin oil coolers. The factory has a hard line that is fitted in place of the passenger side oil cooler. We just happened to have one in our Lotus BoneYard inventory. We will fit the reintroduced ULTRAliteLINEs oil lines to this car. This solution is lighter than stock and saves us a trip to the Dealer for a free recall service on the stock lines.

The uprights were looking nasty with surface rust making for a less than attractive finish. We sand blasted them and had them painted. New hubs are being installed along with ULTRAdiscs. The wishbones were also stripped and nickel plated and fitted with fresh Ball Joints and MONOballs. Our Wishbone Refresh Service is a nice way to get your bits looking nice again. We decided to fit our Racetech SCCA shocks on this car. I wanted to run soft factory springs and will flatten the car’s handling with our DNA Rear Swaybar and a factory adjustable front swaybar.

Keen Lotus fans may note that we fit stock steering arms. These arms have been machined down to gain additional camber. This car will not be lowered too far – likely 130mm. This car will spend most of its time on the road with occasional forays to the track.

The front clam has now been entirely transformed to better represent our vision of how a Lotus Outlaw should look. We deleted the turn signals and have installed some prototype headlights that feature integrated turn signals. We also removed the Front Grill and added a Black LFTstrap in order to save a little weight and minimize front end damage in a potential collision.

We’ve installed the Stinger variant of our sonifFURY Muffler System and we’ve also removed the rear panel to reduce weight, help remove heat from the engine bay, and to show off our beautiful exhaust. We also installed a lightweight 5 -element Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser and we even removed the OEM rear Lotus badging and added our own lettering that’s highly reflective.

We’ve installed a set of our Carbon Fiber raceVIEW Mirrors to reduce weight and give ourselves better visibility. These mirrors look awesome and get the job done!

The exterior of this car has been completely transformed to represent our vision of a Lotus Outlaw. Our Outlaw Car now has a new set of our beautiful Gold stellaCORSE Wheels wrapped in some sticky Toyo Proxes R888R tires.

As for the interior and safety, we’ve installed a Reverie Carbon Fiber Seat as well as a V-Force Harness Bar with Schroth 4pt PTOFI II ASM Harnesses. We’ve also installed an aftermarket Sparco Steering Wheel with our hubQR to make it easier to get in and out of the car. This makes a big difference when entering a car that has aftermarket seats with a lot of bolstering. We also installed our Ultimate ShiftR111 Package that includes a shiftR111, TRANScables, a Short Shift Kit, a Switch Panel, a re-ENFORCER, and a Bollock M10 Shift Knob.

Next we’re planning on removing the Clutch Delay Valve from the Lotus Outlaw by replacing the delay valve with a fix straight from Lotus, a Clutch Pipe C120Q0003F. More information about the Lotus Clutch Delay Valve can be found here: Lotus Clutch Delay Valve — InoKinetic.

We’ve now installed a Mishimoto sandwich plate along with a set of our ULTRAliteLINES on the Lotus Elise Outlaw. The ULTRAliteLINES have been track tested and only weigh about half as much as the factory oil cooler lines!

We’ve now installed an AiM MX2E Instrument Cluster in the Outlaw. The AiM MX2E is an awesome addition for any Lotus Elise that does a great job of modernizing the interior with an incredible-looking high-tech display!

We’ve added a BBhook2 rear tow hook that will work perfectly with a 5 Element Carbon Fiber Diffuser. The BBhook2 attaches to the rear subframe in order to provide an extremely secure tow location.

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