BAC has released a new and improved Mono. They honed the original Mono with improved design, power, and innovation. It remains one of the ultimate driving experiences any driving enthusiast will experience. Contact us to order yours. Starting at $265,000 – Coming in 2022.

The New Mono is a lightweight and higher performance version of the original Mono One. The new model’s design enhances function with reductions in visual mass across the body, less frontal area and a lower height creating a sleeker, more organic overall appearance. It has a 2.3-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged Ford-Mountune engine that is 27bhp more powerful than its predecessor and offers in excess of an incredible 400Nm of torque. The New Mono weighs in at just 570kg.

Key Statistics:
Top Speed: 170mph
0-60mph: 2.7 seconds
Power: 330bhp
Torque: 400Nm+
Weight: 570kg
Power-to-Weight ratio: 580bhp-per-tonne

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