• Model year: 1991
  • Exterior Color: Blood Orange
  • Interior Color: Black Vinyl with red stitching
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Engine: OM602 Diesel
  • Transmission: 5-Speed 711.117
  • VIN number: WDB461-077686



  • Engine removed after testing cylinder compression and oil pressure
  • Engine cleaned and disassembled for inspection
  • Cylinder head removed for inspection
  • Camshaft inspected for wear
  • Engine block cleaned and prepped
  • Engine block refinished
  • Cylinder head disassembled, checked for warpage, planed
  • New front and rear crankshaft seals
  • New cylinder head bolts
  • New cylinder head gasket
  • Radiator re-cored
  • New timing belt and water pump
  • New oil pan gasket
  • Timing belt tensioner pulley


  • Removed from vehicle after extensive road function test
  • Cleaned and disassembled
  • Internal components inspected to be within specifications
  • Refinished gearbox housing
  • New transmission seals
  • New clutch
  • New throw-out bearing

Transfer Case

  • Inspected for wear
  • Housing refinished
  • Reassembled with new gaskets and seals
  • Cleaned and disassembled


  • Removed from vehicle
  • Differentials disassembled and inspected
  • Axle housings media blasted & refinished
  • Reassembled with new seals & gaskets installed
  • Hubs regreased
  • Replace wheel studs as required
  • Install new wheels and tires – Balanced and aligned


  • Install new brake hoses
  • Install new brake lines
  • Calipers rebuilt
  • Drums reconditioned
  • Install new pads & shoes
  • Install new rotors


  • Dismantle and remove body from frame
  • Remove interior, remove wiring harness, disassemble body and remove from frame
  • Entire body media blasted down to bare metal
  • All sheet metal issues addressed
  • Anti-Corrosive Primer applied
  • Install new custom interior
  • Install new window seals and gaskets
  • Body reinstalled on chassis panels
  • Hand fitted for proper symmetry


  • Remove all components from frame
  • Media blast frame to bare metal
  • Apply anti corrosive primer
  • Install new brake Lines
  • Install new fuel lines
  • Install new body mounts


  • Install new springs
  • Install new shocks
  • Install new urethane suspension bushings
  • Install new tie rod ends
  • Suspension steering aligned
  • Install new steering damper


  • Exterior finish applied, wet-sanded and polished
  • All Final assembly performed
  • Vehicle extensively road tested

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