This Lotus 111RS Spyder was ‘created’ in-house by our team of specialists. Shinoo envisioned a car that would deliver a pure driving experience that would stimulate all of the senses. The Spyder features InoKinetic’s best performance parts along with custom bodywork and paint all done in-house at our facility. The goal was to create the Ultimate Canyon Carver with a coach-built body.

We unveiled the car at the West Coast Lotus Meet 2019 in Folsom, CA and came away with the ‘Best of Show’ award.

The Spyder is fantastic to drive with loads of grip while remaining compliant with excellent ride quality(Stacy will attest to this fact). Acceleration is excellent with smooth power delivery that is easy to manage. The shiftR111 makes changing gears a real pleasure. The brakes stop NOW! The exhaust note is dead quiet when you cruise on the freeway and then shrieks when on cam. The Spyder is a proper, purist sportscar.

Here’s what makes this Spyder special:
-Custom bodywork & paint completed in-house
-Rear flares to accommodate ETHOS 17×9 with Toyo R888R
-Long tail rear spoiler
-Doors with window slots deleted
-Exige race front clam with Gurney flaps used at radiator exit 
-Shortened A-pillar

-Custom painted CF BigBoy Seat
-Custom rollhoop with Takata ASM safety belts
-Racetech Triple Adjust Suspension with 250/350# springs
-DNA Front & Rear Swaybars
-ETHOS wheels: 15×7 front & 17×9 rear
-Toyo R888R tires
-ProAlloy 211 Chargecooler
-BLADE300 + Xclusive Tuning = 300hp
-shiftR111 Ultimate + Naked shifter center console
-Hella lights
-sonicFURY muffler + sportCAT
-ULTRAdisc rotors + Gloc R10 pads + QWKbleed lines
-APR side mirrors
-Tow Hooks: LFTstrap + BBhook2
-Nickel plated wishbones + MONOballs
-ReVerie Side scoops + 5 Element Diffuser

We based this car on a Lotus S240 Exige that had rolled on track. Every body panel had been either destroyed or damaged but amazingly, the chassis was unharmed. We transformed her body with a special Longtail spoiler, Rear fender flares and a cut down windshield. There are many more details but suffice to say, the body has been ‘coach-built’. Jesus and Damian did a great job with the bodywork and paint. This car is not wrapped – the stripes are painted and under the clear. Carlos and Christina completed the mechanical upgrades including several custom bits to make this car the Ultimate Canyon Carver. Stacy managed our trusted Suppliers and kept us in line with the budget. She then came along to WCLM to experience the Spyder first hand in the canyons. Needless to say, we are very happy with the result.

Learn more about the complete build in the InoKinetic Blog: HERE

Interested in a custom car? Give us a call, we are keen to help make your dream into reality.

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