We have been commissioned to do the bodywork on a Ford F1 truck. The original body was in such poor condition that we sourced a better example for us to start with. The client is looking for a cruiser with modernized styling. We discussed a few options with him and have begun work on the truck. This is going to be a fun project.

The truck was first disassembled and the paint removal began.

Multiple layers of paint and primer were discovered as we started to strip paint. Bondo was prevalent – as would be expected from a 70 yr old truck.

Bondo is getting removed from any panels it was found on. Jesus will use hammer and dolly techniques along with a few other tricks to beat the dents into submission.

More damage and bondo is showing up as we remove the paint. The truck is old so we know we have some work to do!

The crate engine that was planned for this F1 has been cancelled by Ford. We are now waiting for the replacement to become available. Ideally we want the new chassis so that we can fit the body and start on the metal working part of this restoration. The current chassis will be replaced with a new one that will have a better suspension/brakes etc. With restoration, these stop and start cycles are one of the biggest challenges. Parts leadtime is not always quick so waiting becomes and inherent part of the process.

Galpin Auto Sports has delivered the chassis for this project so we can fit the cab and begin the metal work. Several modifications are planned to the body so having this chassis will help us progress.

Early into the project we reviewed the truck with the client. We have created a rendering of these ideas for him to review and visualize the project. Of course the final details may vary but this was a good way for us to start…

Widening the rear window.

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