This 911 came to our partners, Of Wire & Metal, as a race car. The owner wants to return the car to street use and use it as a daily driver. He has asked us to do a complete restoration but keep the budget in check as he did not want a show car. We are like minded in our expectations for quality and this project would be another good one for us to strive to achieve while carefully watching the spending.

The original race livery is shown in the image above. By the time it arrived to us, this was stripped down and was repainted poorly by a previous shop. The work was not quite up to the owners expectations so he pulled it out and brought it to us. The client is not looking for stock perfection. We assessed the paint and decided to sand it down to start anew.

First we removed various panels and then began the scuffing process. This included the window sealant/adhesive that tends to foul a good seal and paint job.

The cage and fire suppression system will remain in the car as a reminder of this cars previous life. Plus it looks bad to the bone.

Fixing the car with filler became the decision as we found various areas that had been previously repaired. Race cars get fixed quickly and cheaply as they only need to look good from 100s of yards away at speed. The wild livery on this one also helped hide a battered body. Jesus applied epoxy primer to seal the metal and start his bodywork.

The roll cage was suffering from the same poor quality paint/clear so our client asked us to repaint it as well. Demain sanded it down and masked the interior. Grand Prix White gets sprayed on next.

A bit more body work was needed in a couple of jams and on one of the rear quarter glass areas. That was taken care of before wrapping her up for the exterior primer. We then applied guide coat to sand and smooth out the primer layer. GrandPrix White is getting applied for the final color.

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